Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Comodo Free Email Certificate - Digitally sign your emails

Now the phishers target via email with known ids, so we need definitely have a secure email. Now we provide free email certificate for personal use to encrypt emails and attachments.

What does this do?

Free Secure Email Certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email and attachments keeping them secure and confidential. Encrypt your emails to ensure that the message and attachments may only be read by the intended recipients. you can Digitally Sign your emails to prove that the message and attachments really came from you and not some spammers, Also Digitally Sign your emails to ensure that the message and attachments cannot be tampered with en route via the Internet without the recipient being alerted to the tampering. As no there are en number of spammers this email certificates would be more helpful. To know more about this visit

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh! Worried about carrying on online financial transactions! Don't worry Vengine is here for you!

Vengine performs as a Anti-Phishing and Identity Assurance tool, Content verification, Online Fraud Detection and as well as Site Verification tool. This tool can be downloaded free from

VerificationEngine - the multi-browser anti-phishing and identity assurance tool for Microsoft Windows offers an extremely simple and innovative user friendly interface to differentiate legitimate web sites from fraudulent ones.

With Vengine, You (Consumers) can verify the legitimacy of any sites say banking, shopping or any other related sites where financial transactions are involved. This tool is really meant for establishing trust, authenticate identities and ensure trusted online transactions which automatically distinguishes between true & fake sites by just a roll over of the mouse on the company logo or content which you needs verification.

You can install vengine and forget about that, Whenever you open any bank related or non-bank related sites like yahoo it would be verified automatically when your mouse points out to their logo.

Also this tool is of so much interest and importance for consumer who does online transactions. Each and every time you don't have to open your padlock for verification, this tool will automatically verify your padlock symbol too!.

To know more, click on to

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