Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 Released - Microsoft Vista™ Compatible Free Firewall

The most expected Comodo Firewall Pro Version 3.0 has been released. The Free Comodo Firewall does an very good job from a prevent than at a detection perspective. The Free Comodo Firewall pro supports both the XP and Vista (32 & 64 bit) versions and is now ready for download. There are so many major updates made in this free firewall, that it has got multiplex architecture which include the features of Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-Malware, Rootkit, Trojan and so on.

The advancement in this free version of Comodo Firewall has been a welcoming one worldwide. To know more about this advanced version of Comodo Firewall Pro – Visit http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Email Encryption and Data Encryption – The Current Security Trend

Not only the IT companies but also the other sectors related to IT uses less security IT systems. For the past few months there have been new threats on the internet so the levels of the security obviously need to be increased. About 99% of the internet users use email as one of the potent business tools as well as personal tool, this is of course a vulnerable system for attack. Visit www.ezencrypt.com.

Securing the email must be the top to-do list of any corporate security expert in an organization. If the organization uses the emails for transferring more important and high confidential matter via email then there is an need for secure email gateway or encrypted email. Not only secure email systems but also other internet security desktop products such as anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-virus or firewall should be installed to have an highly secure environment over the internet.

Many corporations use an email gateway that encrypts messages as they leave the corporate perimeter. The problem with this approach is that it leaves internal mail completely unprotected and vulnerable to data theft, packet sniffing and malicious insiders. Though some of the organizations are comfortable using the VPN’s (Virtual Private Network), still if the organization is big, they need to provide an higher level of email security to save all the important and unimportant information sending/receiving out via their network, in a way that they are not vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Inorder to provide an suitable email encryption option, the point is to install an email security technology that would encrypt all the message/email that are sent from a client to any other client. If such email encryption technology is implemented, then there won’t be much insecure email traffic. The latest technology has been providing high end security tools and software, which is being integrated in the email system, which has made the email system management more easier and secure. So if any organisation that handles sensitive data or shooting out confidential email then email encryption is a must.

The email client encryption solutions are now extensible and are sufficient enough to take part in the enterprise encryption strategy with easy and flexible deployment. Now its almost high time, that all the organizations which use or do business via internet are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, so it’s a must that there should some standardized measures and polices that needs to be implemented, to have an secure internet and secure email system.

Incase a business or organization does an business via Internet in their own website also needs to have SSL security or Extended SSL encryption, Email certificates, etc and also should educate the consumers in doing an secure eCommerce business, inorder to prove their business identity and assurance by proving them that they are doing secure shopping.

Also take a minute to answer this survey inorder to provide you with more secure environment over the internet – Internet security Form

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