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Friday, October 26, 2007

Advance Christmas Wishes! – The Shopping season has begun, is that your online shopping is Safe?

The Christmas season has begun and you have planned to buy so many gifts for you, your children, friends and relatives. Beautiful & Attractive wordings on the internet, for welcoming you for the online shopping stating welcome to our online shop, buy christmas presents and christmas gifts here!, Christmas cards, Clip Art, Gift Paks, crafts, decorations, Xmas recipes, shopping, christmas songs CD's & DVD's, stories, traditions and more. Buy one get one free and so many direct & online shopping ads and much more, but are you going to shop safe online?

Here are a few tips I wish would help you out getting your shopping genuine and healthy.

As the festival season has begun, the fraudsters and intruders are ready to break your happiness by just shooting a simple email to your inbox. The Spammers are creating so much attractive content that states, they are real one. But how do you know that the mail in your inbox is a genuine one and you are not spammed. If any links are specified in the email for buying something and its asks for your personal or credit card details check if that site has got a golden yellow pad lock, and the website begins with https://

See that you system has got a Firewall or Antivirus software, because the Spammers or Fraudsters may attach some virus or Trojans to their mail attachments. And also have a firewall so that no unknown person can access your system

Don’t buy online anything, unless you believe that its an secure website. And also try to install an anti-phishing toolbar which might help you in identifying the secure website.

Always check out whether the site is secure or not, by seeing the pad lock and its information (SSL Certificates). See if the website address matches the information provided in the pad lock information.

You can try to have the some of the following software’s for free which might help you in safe online shopping. Also ready my posts about anti-phishing toolbar, what is Spam?, Secure Banking Transactions, the expanded internet security SSL technology and also what’s the Future of internet Security to be safe in coming up online shopping sessions and so on.

So make your Christmas wonderful with secure shopping. The secure online shopping will make your money worth with good spending. So many online shops have implemented the secure internet strategy to welcome and help the consumers in secure online shopping and have safe internet sessions while they do online shopping.

Happy Christmas and a Very Happy (Online) Shopping! Lets this Christmas be unforgetful with your new gifts and cards.
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