Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 Security Suites: The Best and Worst

We've reviewed nearly a dozen 2010 security suites—find out which will keep you safe and which to avoid.

The 2010 "model year" for security suites got started early, with a couple of products already out in June. Panda Internet Security 2010 made a decent showing, but eScan Internet Security Suite for Home Users Version 10 isn't ready to provide serious competition for any of the better-known contenders in the U.S. market. Much the same is true of K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0: It's popular in Japan, but doesn't live up to the standards set by other major products here—at least it didn't bog down my test systems. Through the summer the suites kept rolling in, keeping me busy with all-out evaluations. Read More....

Direct Source Link: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2351871,00.asp

Monday, December 14, 2009

Online Safety | Antivirus Software | Internet Security Software | Security Tips

Antivirus Software and Safe Online Behaviour - 2010 Outlook
— There has been lots and lots of computer users who became victims of viruses, spyware, worm, and trojan attacks in 2009. Also to point out there are security sites itself has been hacked, computer viruses has been floating around over the internet and many other known and unkwown events that happened. How is going to be the future? What steps are to be taken to protect from such internet security threats? are the points here to be discussed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Porn" Games on Rise

It was before a year or two most of the children were so much crazy or even can say addicted to games like Moto Racer, PS2 and many more. But today children are still have got lot of choices in choosing a game from wide variety. Whereas in the recent times, there has been many porn games which has been floating around the internet as well as sold in the way side Shoppe, and markets. These games are designed by some individuals and are sold in the internet worldwide.

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You may ask what’s wrong with wwf, hunting and other explicit games. The problem according to psychologists’ any fighter games will make a child to become violent. At least the fighter games can be set apart, but what about the porn games. Recently there is game which is popularly played by children in and above the age of 13. That’s none other than a porn game. The games goes like this “A girl would be standing alone in the railway station, the player who plays the game should rape the girl and have pleasure” Doesn’t sound bad. These kind of games should not be entertained says government and NGO’s. Latest news on socio-economic, technology keeps pounding about such kind of illegal games and the consequences one has to face for designing those.

Psychologists’ say that “If children about 13 Years and above play this as game, tomorrow, in real life if they get a chance to see a girl alone in some place, the intention would be not to impress but vice-versa as played in the game. Also a student who plays this game, tomorrow if gets married; his mind doesn’t look for love or affection, but for forceful indulgence or other way round. Love is something that should come from heart and mind, and in no way can’t be acquired forcefully”

So it’s our responsibility as a human being to stop all such illegal activities. In fact the world is still exists because of the true love and affection among people. When the true love and affection expires then the world is no more.

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