Monday, October 16, 2006

Internet Security – Past, Present & Future

The Internet is one of the most significant achievement in the recent history.In early 1950's the idea of creating this new technology appeared. Later the implementations begin at 1960's and 1970's practically. And then at the beginning of 1980's they found and recognized the global connector Internet and it began to be spread all over the globe at the same time as well where the Internet was structured to have more than 4.3 billion potential networks. Later in 1990's the introduction of World Wide Web (WWW) began to have its common place all over the world. Now its 2K's and people though they use internet for various purposes, internet thevies have put their hands here. So its now the time to have better internet security to save the ecommerce business which is in danger. This is because the Internet without and proper security infrastructure is vulnerable to several attacks like hacking, packet sniffing, monitoring, TCP/IP hijacking, IP spoofing; and other routing infrastructure attacks. These problems exist due to the fact that Internet packets are not encrypted. Several governments across the world, however, have been trying very hard to regulate encryption on the Internet, to secure the web and the internet users being it a ecommerce merchant or an customer.

The experts aiming at internet security have been researching on some factors like, would there be a standard solution to safeguard the internet , Would the firewall, anti-virus and any other desktop security products would help to protect the PC from unwanted intruders, what type of SSL (Secure Socket layer) certificate and public key infrastructure would be appropriate to have a secure use of Internet. Would these be advantageous but to what extent and so many questions have araised for the factor of Internet security. Some of the new technologies implemented were the Smart Cards, Web Push Technology, Secure Padlock etc. This has been function well though with some drawbacks, as these technologies need some advancement in the area of storage and recognition.

The future challenges in the internet security area has got more computational intensive and also requires substantial processing power, which would possibly require to build secure intranet, Extranets, virtual networks and other internet security related applications. And if the internet security is kept in proper vigil with empowered technologies to safeguard the WWW, then the expectations of the ecommerce business would really flourish.

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