Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 Security Suites: The Best and Worst

We've reviewed nearly a dozen 2010 security suites—find out which will keep you safe and which to avoid.

The 2010 "model year" for security suites got started early, with a couple of products already out in June. Panda Internet Security 2010 made a decent showing, but eScan Internet Security Suite for Home Users Version 10 isn't ready to provide serious competition for any of the better-known contenders in the U.S. market. Much the same is true of K7 TotalSecurity Version 10.0: It's popular in Japan, but doesn't live up to the standards set by other major products here—at least it didn't bog down my test systems. Through the summer the suites kept rolling in, keeping me busy with all-out evaluations. Read More....

Direct Source Link: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2351871,00.asp

Monday, December 14, 2009

Online Safety | Antivirus Software | Internet Security Software | Security Tips

Antivirus Software and Safe Online Behaviour - 2010 Outlook
— There has been lots and lots of computer users who became victims of viruses, spyware, worm, and trojan attacks in 2009. Also to point out there are security sites itself has been hacked, computer viruses has been floating around over the internet and many other known and unkwown events that happened. How is going to be the future? What steps are to be taken to protect from such internet security threats? are the points here to be discussed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Porn" Games on Rise

It was before a year or two most of the children were so much crazy or even can say addicted to games like Moto Racer, PS2 and many more. But today children are still have got lot of choices in choosing a game from wide variety. Whereas in the recent times, there has been many porn games which has been floating around the internet as well as sold in the way side Shoppe, and markets. These games are designed by some individuals and are sold in the internet worldwide.

Buy K7 Total Security

You may ask what’s wrong with wwf, hunting and other explicit games. The problem according to psychologists’ any fighter games will make a child to become violent. At least the fighter games can be set apart, but what about the porn games. Recently there is game which is popularly played by children in and above the age of 13. That’s none other than a porn game. The games goes like this “A girl would be standing alone in the railway station, the player who plays the game should rape the girl and have pleasure” Doesn’t sound bad. These kind of games should not be entertained says government and NGO’s. Latest news on socio-economic, technology keeps pounding about such kind of illegal games and the consequences one has to face for designing those.

Psychologists’ say that “If children about 13 Years and above play this as game, tomorrow, in real life if they get a chance to see a girl alone in some place, the intention would be not to impress but vice-versa as played in the game. Also a student who plays this game, tomorrow if gets married; his mind doesn’t look for love or affection, but for forceful indulgence or other way round. Love is something that should come from heart and mind, and in no way can’t be acquired forcefully”

So it’s our responsibility as a human being to stop all such illegal activities. In fact the world is still exists because of the true love and affection among people. When the true love and affection expires then the world is no more.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Airtel Support - My Worst Experience

Let it be a security software support center or a broadband support center, if the support system is working good, then the customers are happy. Responses are one important thing that is liked by all, Just wonder how frustrated I am, if I had shot an email to Airtel Broadband support and till that I haven't got an reply. Below is the story that happened. I would have been happy if the support people has responded me on time, stating that "Sorry, there is no feasibility in your area" - if they had said this I would have gone for an alternate. Instead see how much I would have been frustrated after so much patience. Honestly once, I really was happy with the Airtel support, but now...... you will know from the below mail that I sent to airtel.


from Yuvaraj Rajendran

to Care TamilNadu ,bb.support@airtel.in
date Sep 1, 2009 2:30 PM

subject : High Priority - Regarding Telephone / Broadband line shifting

Dear Support,
I have been calling the Airtel Support "121" and "044-42110198" from Last Monday ie. 24th August 2009 to Till Date i.e. 1st September 2009, regarding, shifting of my telephone line from Velachery to Alandur. I am really NOT HAPPY with the support provided by airtel for the all these days. Just wonder I called from the date specified above to till date, to hear finally that I don't have feasibility in my area. The below are the responses I got from Airtel Customer Support and Airtel Escalation Department.

Monday: I called and said, that I need to shift my Airtel telephone/broadband line from Velchery to Alandur, as I am shifting my home on Wednesday. And customer support executive told me, that the information has been recorded and I would receive a call tomorrow i.e. Tuesday.

Tuesday: As I did not receive any call till noon, I gave an call to Airtel Customer Support, and asked regarding my status. They asked me to call after sometime, so they will check and let me know the status. Later gain I called them, and they said they feasibility for my area is there and again I was told that Airtel Staff would be contacting me soon.

Wednesday: Again the same thing happened, I did not receive the call, and again I gave an call, and put the request regarding the issue, and I was told, definitely I would receive an call, but I did not.

Thursday: As I did not receive the call, I again called the Airtel Tech/customer support, and I was told, that I would receive the connection itself by friday, and I reconfirmed, about my feasibility, and I was told yes, and shifting would be done on the requested date ie. on friday before 5.30 PM, before that I would be getting a call.

Friday: I was waiting, waiting till noon, and again , I gave a call, and was told by one support executive, that I need to clear my outstanding, but the support executive who called me is also not clear about it. And I asked, why I was not told all these days, and then I asked, anyways I am going to shift my line, so I will make the bill payment on the specified date. I was told yes for this. And the issue was Escalated to the Escalation department, and I was assured that I would be given the connection.

Saturday: On Saturday, I was waiting for the connection, but I did not receive any call, and again I called to remind them about the linke shifting, and I was assured by the Airtel Support Manager, that definitely on Monday, I would receive the connection on Monday ie. 31st August 2009. (I was bit happy, that I would be receiving the connection on monday).

Sunday: I called my friend, who works in airtel, and said regarding this, and he said, he would help me on monday if not done.

Monday: I was waiting for the confirmation call on Monday, till noon, and I gave an call, regarding this, and one customer support executive picked my call, before I can tell anything, not even listening to me, she said "Thank You for Calling Airtel Support Center, Have a nice day" and disconnected the phone. Again I called up, and I was told by some other support guy, who assured me, We would provide the connection in the specified time, and I would receive a call in 30 Minutes.

You know something, I was happy the moment I was told like this, (Just a small wonder, I have took an OFF for my office this day, for the purpose, that I am going to get a connection), but my happiness did not last long. I was given a called by the airtel care center, and an other guy told me, I need to clear my outstanding balance of Rs.653, and in the next 30 minutes, I went to all the way from Alandur to T.Nagar, to pay the outstanding balance and I paid Rs.700. I did pay the bil andl I was waiting for the connection on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Really Really got Frustrated, I called the customer support thrice, and all the 3 times, I was in hold for a long time, and finally reached a support engineer, and asked to transfer me to escalation department. And I was put on hold for a long time, and the line got cut, before I could speak to someone. Again I called, I was put on hold for such a long time, and was finally, the escalation department manager( I don't know if it is the real designation of the person) has told the customer support executive to say, that there is no network connectivity in my area.

I was so fed up and shouted at the executive, I felt pity on the executive, what can she do for the fault of the Team Leads or Managers, who give wrong information.

I know its a longmail, still wonder, last tuesday I was told, I have got the feasibility, and now I was told there is no network feasibility. (Is this a tactic to get the unpaid bill amount from me, before I relocate?) Kindly do have check at my bill payments, never I have made a late payment. Is this the way you people handle the customer? ITS LIKE CHEATING ME AFTER GIVING ME THE ASSURANCE. If I was told this early, atleast I would have gone for some other service provider. Because of this, I lost my patience, my companies salary for 2 days, mine and my brothers work got affected and lot of unwanted tensions.

If I was told early, I would have made some alternate arrangement. I wanted this to be notified to the concerned person/top executives. Else, the top executives won't be aware about these kind of issues.

Anyways, a small wonder, If I am not going to be a airtel customer, it not going to be a huge loss, but if there are thousands of people, who face the problems as I do, then what?

Kindly try to resolve this issue, before I could blog it. (I am an online marketing consultant, wonder what I will do without internet). Atleast let my existing line be there, so that I can work for a week, till I get the new line either from you or other service provider. SURELY I WILL PAY MY BILL IF THAT ALL YOU WANT.




I don't know if reaches the top people in airtel, but still inspite I told I would post what happened in my blog, there were no responses. some 2 to 3 weeks I just called to know, if my connection was disconnected from my old place.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Know if You Can Trust a Site With Your Personal Info

Yes, the web has provided us with the ultimate convenience in shopping, banking, and practically anything else you can think of. But when it comes to such personal data such as credit card information or your social security number, what sites can you really trust? With the increasing numbers of identity theft and fraud, scammers are having a field day with innocent consumers. It’s no surprise, since any criminal can start a free web page (URL: http://www.freeservers.com/Free-Web-Page.html ) and attempt to pass it off as secure and authentic to unknowing viewers. That’s why you should think twice before entering such precious info because the circumstances can be disastrous.

First, minimize security problems by sharing info on sites you know and trust, or ones that have been recommended by confident friends and family. You simply can’t tell by the looks of the website if it is reliable or trustworthy. Try to stick with well-known and reputable companies. Also be cautious of merchants who don’t list any other contact information. You can check outside agencies such as the Better Business Bureau to see what complaints the online merchant could have. After you think you have found a site that is trustworthy, find out if the web page is secured. When a web page is secured, it provides an encrypted transfer of info from your computer to the website, and the info cannot be read while it’s being sent. A secure site possesses an SSL certificate. Here’s how to tell if the page is secure.

Look for Https
Check out the URL or web page address, usually in the top of your web browser. Most addresses begin with “http” but secure connections display “https” instead. The “https” should not only be on pages where you enter your credit card info on shopping sites but also on pages where you type in usernames and passwords, such as your bank website or website where you go to check your email.

Examine the “Lock”
While on a secure page, your web browser should display an icon that looks like a padlock on the lower left or lower right corner, depending on your browser. Hover over it with your mouse or click it to verify the security information. Beware that some sites will try to trick you by simply replicating a padlock on the bottom of their webpage, making you think that what you are looking at is indeed your browser. Just remember to be familiar with your browser so you can spot fake locks.

Check the Properties
You can check if a page has an SSL certificate by going through your browser’s Properties menu. In the properties menu, select the Certificates option and see if an SSL certificate is present.

These are the main features to check to see whether a site is secured. For pages displaying a VeriSign SSL certificate symbol, use VeriSign’s “Verify Before you Buy Search Box” on their official website to make sure the seal is valid or if it’s being used with authorization. You simply copy and paste the site’s URL from your web browser and click “verify.” You can even download a “Verify Before You Buy” widget for your browser to make it even easier.

Worried about PC Security - Buy Antivirus Software Now!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to change Time Format from 24 hours to 12 Hours Format in Windows Vista?

To change the Time Format in Vista from 24 hour to 12 hour follow the below instructions:

1)Go to START > Settings> Control Panel> Regional and Language Options

2)Under Formats Tab> Click "Customize this format..."

3)A new Window will open > click on the "Time" tab

4)Under Time Format, Choose "tt hh:mm:ss", then click Apply.

If you need to change an 12 hour format to 24 hour format just do the above procedure, and choose "TT HH:MM:SS" and click apply. Thats it... you can now have the time format that you look for. Soon you can see more technology tips in my blog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Computer Security Tips

12 Tips to Make your PC Healthy
— Here's a dozen of tips that makes your PC healthy, if you follow it. Nowadays day-to-day there are lot new security issues that affects the computers performance. So there are certain security measures that needs to followed to make our PC Healthy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PC Protection for Layman

Protecting a PC, Is that really easy?
— A computer without proper security is exposed to lot of risks, how to combat those and prevent your computer from such kind of potential new threats that increase day-by-day being a layman

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Conficker Threat and April 1st 2009 - A Prank or Real?

The Conficker.A and Conficker.C seems to have infected around 10 Million PC’s globally. But recently this Conficker worm has turned the attention of so many security software companies, being their websites and their network would be affected on 1st of April. Being it a Joke or Serious issue, I personally feel that it’s always good if we are secure to protect our computer from such kind of infections using a good Antivirus Software or Internet Security Software Tools. Coming back to Conficker – the Microsoft has given a severe alert level for this Conficker.C and Conficker.D Worm, which is expected to be live on the malware servers on April 1st. Click to know more about Worm:Win32/Conficker.C and Worm:Win32/Conficker.D from Microsoft Official Website. Anyways, if Conficker is going infect PC’s on April 1st or December 1st, it’s our responsibility to keep our PC secure, with updated security patches released by our OS providers to prevent / protect our computers from any worm or other unwanted malwares.

Though its gonna be a real infection or if its not going to be an infection on April 1st, still we can have our security patches updated, to safeguard our computers from any kind of dreadful infections.

Anyways if you are presently infected with Conficker worm, just download Conficker Remover tool to disinfect/remove it. If you feel that your antivirus software is unable to clean any Worms, Trojans, virus or any malware, you can always search for some specific worm removal tools for free in the web.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cracking a Software Key – What’s the risk possessed?

Many people they don’t want to pay for computer protection. Hence they start downloading the cracked version of software which we term as “pirated software” or “illegal software”. The people, who use such cracked software, think that both paid and cracked version is going to have the same features. So instead of spending they try to generate a duplicate key and crack the software and use it. But wonder how long is this cracked software going to work?

What’s the risk of using a pirated version of software?

In pirated or cracked software version though the features and the GUI everything remains same, you won’t have any automatic updates or regular bug fixes. Anyways illegal is illegal always. For example, the most popularly downloaded antivirus software, though it can be cracked, it would be useful only for that day. The reason is because there are thousands of viruses that are generated day by day all over the world. So the antivirus companies they research, find the new virus, find a signature, write a program to disable it from action etc and upload it to their antivirus software, which goes as automatic updates to the people who genuinely purchased the software. Whereas the people who installed the software using a duplicate cracked key, the automatic updates doesn’t work out. So the end user who uses the illegal software, doesn’t get the periodic updates, and is transparent and vulnerable to lot of security threats and attacks.

Moreover, in case a person who downloads a cracked version of software and installs it in his computer, sometimes if that results in a system crash, who would be providing the support? If he/she goes and asks the software company, the company will sue against him/her for using a pirated version of their software. The most possessed risk is that if you visit any crack download sites, you will see porn pictures to attract you, which may or may not be carrying some kind of viruses, which will enter the system while installing the cracked version of software.
So it is always good to buy software spending few bucks or instead go for some free wares, which is genuine. Because most of the freeware softwares may have adware installed in their software, which gives you regular pop-up and spy’s your computer.

A Recap – Why not to use Cracked Software:

1.) It’s Against the Law – i.e. its infringement of Copy Rights.
2.) You don’t get Automatic Updates
3.) Chances of getting malwares
4.) Finally its Doesn’t provide enough security to the Computer

“Using Cracked Software in a Computer is like using a broken shield in a War”

To fight the anti-Social elements you go for Fitness Courses and Self Defense Courses, to fight your computer enemies you need to install a real Internet Security software.

Will update you more on my Internet Security Blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nigerian Scam / Spam mail leads to suicide

In a breakthrough, Many of the email users receive a mail stating that you have “Won a Lottery of $5000000 and you can claim it now”. Thinking this to be a genuine one, many people reply the mail with their name, address and bank details. But when you reply those mails, they again shoot you a mail stating that you need to first pay the taxes or consignment amount or so on and claim your Money. But people only realize it later when they lose money that it’s a fraud email. These types of mail we term as “Online Lottery Scam, Nigerian Scam – being the mails claims to be sent from Nigeria.” There are some people who have lost lot of money believing such kind of spam mails and even committed suicide.

If you see the cause of suicide, there are spam mails such as “Nirosha Silva”, who even come via chat and speak stating they have lot of assets, and to transfer it they need money, and to make people believe they even call via phone and speak. Once they receive the money, they easily see for the next person to cheat again. So please try to understand what is spam and lets prevent and protect ourselves and others educating about such kind of fraud mails.

If you get such kind of mails claiming that you have won a lottery or stating that they need your help in transferring their assets from one country to another, or shooting (UK Requirement Microsoft) chained mails i.e. telling you if you forward this mail to one person you will get this many cents or dollars, kindly don’t believe them and lose your money. Always try to ignore such kind of mails, and also tell your friends, family and relations not to believe such kind of fraudulent emails.

The Screenshot provided is a recent spam email – which we shouldn’t believe. Click the image to have enlarged view.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hacking Alert! Hackers Target Databases –Hack using SQL injection

It has been a week ago, a Romanian has hacked the website of the antivirus software producer using SQL injection to steal the data. Many wonder what kind of databases are being handled by security companies, but there are databases that are really worth which include customer emails, software activation keys, personal details of the customers and other related information, which are being stored in the database server. Then wonder, how much confidential databases should a company which involve financial trasactions would handle. So if the server has got minor vulnerability also, the hacker can easily enter in to the server, by manipulating a URL, and passing certain SQL commands – which is termed as SQL injection. So it is always good for top level companies to use high-end database backup software, and have a regular system check to patch the security holes in the computer. Though the companies understand the importance of computer security and server security, due to high work upload, they sometime fail to update their security patches, which leads to such kind of hacking attacks.

This is an instance that happened, and has alerted the big players in the market, who deal with huge volumes of databases. Now most of them knew that hackers not only target the banking or consumer databases but also target whatever databases are available from pin to plane, which a hacker can monetize it.

Simple Steps to Prevent Computer Freezing

Computer Freezes commonly occurs due to some hidden problems in the computer. Computer usually freezes unexpectedly, due to some services that are running in the system. Here are few simple steps that can avoid unnecessary computer freezes.

1. Uninstall unwanted programs – which may eat up lot of spaces from your computer
2. Disable certain programs in the Start-up, which you don’t use frequently but are important
3. Delete the cookies frequently from your computer cache
4. Remove all unwanted information from the system registry
5. Scan your computer regularly to keep it against viruses, worms and malwares
6. Keep your hard-disc bit free – which makes your system to perform faster, when some processes are opened
7. Be sure you have hardware components in the computer, that fit the capacity – and see that your computer is not overloaded
8. Always use a PC Security Software – to protect your computer from malicious program (malware).

Other than this, externally when you visit some website where you do financial transactions make sure, if the website is secured with SSL certificate.

Don’t handle technical jobs – Unless you are sure, you can do it in the right way.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

List of Antivirus Software Vendors, PC Internet Security Companies

This is a full list of anti-virus, internet security software vendor companies, ranging from start-up to large companies. If anything is missed, you can contact me, with the company name to make a addition.

AhnLab, Inc. - AhnLab V3 Internet Security, AhnLab SpyZero 2007
Aladdin Knowledge Systems - eSafe Web Threat Analyzer
Authentium, Inc. – Command Antivirus for Windows
Avast- antivirus software with spyware protection
Avira – Avira Antivir , Avira Premium Security suite
Bit Defender – Antivirus 2009, Internet Security 2009, Total Security 2009
Comodo Group – Free Comodo Firewall Pro, Antivirus, Internet security
Computer Associates International, Inc. - CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware 2009
Doctor Web, Ltd.- Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite
Eset – Nod32 Antivirus Software
FRISK Software International - F-Prot Antivirus for Windows, Linux, Exchange
F-Secure Corporation – F-Secure Antivirus, Virus Protection and Computer Security
G-Data – Internet Security 2009, G Data Antivirus 2009, G Data TotalCare 2009
GFI Software Ltd - GFI MailSecurity, WebMonitor for ISA Server, Endpoint Security
Grisoft – AVG Anti-virus, AVG Internet Security
HAURI Inc. - ViRobot Desktop, ViRobot ISMS
K7 Computing – K7 TotalSecurity, K7 AntiVirus
Kaspersky Lab - Kaspersky Anti-virus 2009 Software with Anti-spyware
McAfee, Inc. – Mcafee Antivirus Software and Intrusion Prevention Solutions
Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live OneCare
MicroWorld Technologies, Inc. - eScan AntiVirus (AV), eScan Internet Security Suite (ISS), MailScan
Norman - Norman AntiVirus & Spyware, Norman Security Suite
Panda Security Software – Panda Internet Security, Panda Global Protection
Proland Software- Protector Plus Antivirus Software
Quick Heal Technologies – Quick Heal Antivirus, Quick Heal Total Security 2009
Rudra Technologies – Rudra Virus Detection
SafeScribble PC Security Solutions – SS Virus Removal Tool, SS Virus Detection, SS On-Demand Virus Scanner
Sophos – Sophos Enterprise Security & Control,
Sybari Software, Inc. - (Microsoft Subsidiary) - Windows Scan Engine
Symantec - Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360
Trend Micro, Inc. - PC-Cillin, Internet Security 2009

*Some the Computer Security Companies listed are just start-up.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

SafeScribble - An Upcoming Free Computer Security & Free Online Games Company

Thats really great to hear from my friends, that they have started a New Free Desktop Security Software Company, which I thought should share this good news / information with you. Also as a first phase, one of my friend who is a flash games expert has uploaded a free online flash game till their free internet security software products get ready. Hopefully the first product would be released in about 6 - 8 Months time. And right now this free game is hosted at zapak.com by my friend, and now it can be played in safescribble website too :). I enjoyed the game and you?

You know why the name safescribble? - The answer said is "We scribble the programming code, to protect your PC". Isn't it great. Also our guys are looking at some people who has an aim to design a worthy software to give it to computer users for free. If you would like to contribute your hardwork, software then mail them at info@safescribble.com. (Honestly we don't want your money but your support).

Enjoy your free online flash game, just by clicking the link - http://www.safescribble.com/free_games/BAATMAN_V8.swf

Your scribbles are also welcome ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Computer Worm – Downadup, Kido or Conficker infects millions of system, Here’s the Solution for you...

A computer worm Kido also known as downup, Downadup and even Conficker, has been exploiting millions of systems. This vulnerability affects Microsoft Windows Server Services. The major impact was on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008 operating systems. This small piece of malware has created an bigger infection globally infect 9+ millions of computers. This worm enters into the system via internet, or even via removable drives which is already been infected. This worm also arrives via email attachments. So it’s always good to scan your email messages and also run a periodic scan to your computer to kill such kind of viruses and worms.
Coming back to the title this Downadup worm once start infecting the system drops multiple files and registry entries including its own entries. This also makes entries in possibly vulnerable i.e. have security holes and gets in to malicious components in the system. AS it makes registry entries it automatically starts running in every system start-up. You many ask question what does this infection cause? The answer is it does use its own SMTP i.e. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is used to send emails. This worm once infects the system, and the user uses the system to send an email, it sends an attachment along with the mail which contains this worm to infect the recipient PC too. The main target of this worm is the windows operation system and its address book.

The real sign is that though the companies which have got strict security policies and procedure followed in their organisations fail to update the security patches. So such companies which has failed to update its security patches in its server – the worm uses the hole, we term as vulnerability and gets in to the system to infect the server. Being an organisation, it is connected to multiple computers and each user may send emails to other companies which they do business with. If the receiver of the mail has got a proper security patch he is saved, else his network also would be infected.

The some top antivirus companies such as Kaspersky, Trend Micro, K7 Computing Internet Security Solutions and many more has come with their solution to protect the infected system and kill the worm in your system if infected. If you would like to download a free tool to remove the worm from your infected system, Click “Downadup, Kido, Conficker Remover Free Tool” for free download.

Also update your computer with the latest security patches, so that you and your system can be protected from such kind of internet threats. Download your Microsoft Security Patch from http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Entry.aspx to protect your Computer from Downadup/Conficker.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All About Security and eCommerce - A New Blog by K7

Just wanted to share with you that we have launched our Company's new website and also have started a blog which discusses on the general Ecommerce, and Internet Security Stuff - You can visit - http://blog.k7computing.com/ . We expect your valuable feeback.

Is taking a Bank Loan Good or Bad?

Definitely taking a bank loan shouldn't be a choice for you and should be the last resource if you need to. You may be wondering, why am...