Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Future of IT Security | Web Security

Believe it or not, today’s security products are the features of tomorrow.

In the future from now on there would be a dramatic change primarily in the area of technologies and applications that use Internet, productively in all aspects of the business and life everyday. In order to have a Secure Technology Generation (STG) it’s a must to shape the future of the WWW net.

In relation to the growing Consumer Issues over the internet such as Phishing, Privacy Disclosures, Identity Fraud etc,Online Financial & Merchant businesses and Services really Require Stronger Authentication Methods more than that of Simple PINs and Passwords to have an increased e-Commerce Security Environment.

Information Technology practices are upgraded and improved, still the attackers, phishers and business requirements keep raising the bar and are in the look out for new technologies every second due to the increased security threat. This is because not only the e-Commerce is in danger but also the business doer. As they want to protect themselves from these kinds of threats the security practitioners are having scheduled for so many proactive levels, predicting the future threats.

When it comes to security of Internet, the experts who analyze the online business themselves have got so many questions, such as

1.) What kind of the Security measure is globally suitable?

2.) Will the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate be standard security in future or an upgrade of some online security appliances is needed?

3.) Will the SSL & PKI alone would solve the authentication requirements?

4.) Would the firewall be made transparent?

5.) And what level is the Vulnerability going to be in the future?

And so on………. While there is not going to be significant increase in the level of threat for the corporatism, still there is going to be threat to the external element of the enterprise, which is going affect the corporate. As discussed already “Today’s Security Products are Features of Tomorrow”, nowadays firewall comes with antivirus, anti-spyware detection tools. Also the upgrade in the SSL to EV (Extended Validation) SSL shows the increased trend in technology and security. No sooner in 2010, Internet Security Package is going to have all the threat fighters, such as EV SSL, Hacker Prevention Tool – Vulnerability Scanner, Firewalls, Antivirus, Anti-Spy ware, Anti-Malware, Site monitors plus the other secure tools which would be found based on the present and future threat.

Let’s Hope for a Better Future………. : -)

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