Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Are you safe and secure online?

Today, Internet growth has exploded into a latest sheer. Most of the people around the globe use the internet now for many different purposes such as a huge wave of communication through electronic mail, file transfer, transaction applications, Online Banking, Online business and much more. Thus internet appears to be more convinient and useful for the users , there are also so many technical issues surrounding the vast network of World Wide Web. One such technical issue which needs to be taken care is the Internet Security. As the usage of internet grows and grows, there are number of people who try to exploit them on web in a bad manner, unless the user is aware of how to protect themselves online.

There are sevaral hacking threats and attempts on the Internet via e-mail, Web and Instant Messaging (IM), where hackers use some malicious code - such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses to steal personal information like passords, credit card number etc and even delete some information from an unprotected computer. A firewall can help protect your computers against these kinds of security threats and attacks. An recent study estimates that spam comprises 60 % or more of the world's e-mail traffic. So as a real human being we should pick some of the best internet security software to safeguard and secure ourselves online.

There are en-number of internet security softwares that safeguards from Internet attacks, vulnerabilities, malicious code etc. The future trends shows that a online business without proper internet security solutions would cause more damage to a company's reputation and assets as not of being a trusted source. Several security firms such as
Verisign, Comodo, Go Daddy Inc etc have helped introducing solutions such as internet security softwares, SSL – Secure Sockets Layer for web etc to carry secure online transactions.

To provide the computer/internet security the users need to effectively secure their PC now and in the future by installing some PC Desktop security softwares like Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-Spam etc. Also online business people should install an digital certificate to ensure trust online to their customers, which my bring more business to them. Some of the leading software solutions provider such as
Comodo, ZoneAlarm provide PC security softwares for free of cost just to Create Trust Online. So our part is to identify the best solution which suits our needs and have them installed to ensure that our PC is safe and secure from hackers and phishers.
Internet has not only made the world even smaller and brought people closer but also have paved way for the rapid growth in e-commerce activities. So recommended good internet security practices will help reduce the exposure to attacks and would certainly mitigate the impact of cross-domain vulnerabilities as well. And well the interest in internet security practices will assure a successful outcome in the center stage when globally accepted.

Article Written by - R.Yuvaraj

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