Thursday, December 28, 2006

What Users Do On The Internet - Why Internet Security Needed?

Increased No. of Users + Increased Internet Security = Increased Sales/Business.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

EV SSL Certificates – The Real Security Measure For The Upcoming Generation

Its since the phishing/scams were more, the internet security experts and giants like Comodo and VeriSign has been working to get some more extended security to the online shoppers. With the efforts made, the EV SSL certificate is now in market to safeguard you during an online shopping / banking session.

You might have known from my previous reading whats an SSL certificate is? And would be wondering what is this EV SSL certificate - right? Here's an literature for you on the New EV SSL.

EV SSL Certificate is Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certificate. The name itself explains that it is more than an ordinary validation with extended technology. Security experts point out that there EV SSL's are the the next generation SSL certificate which work with advanced high security Web browsers to clearly identify a web site you visit is secure and has got a reliable business identity.

The simple difference between an SSL Certificate and an EV SSL Certificate is that a site which has got a SSL will show only the padlock as an icon of trust, whereas EV SSL turns the browsers address bar green to show the identity of the website along with the padlock. However if an website shows only the padlock it is secure but if the web site does not have an EV SSL certificate then the address bar doesn't turn green.
This new standard Extended validation SSL certificates are issued after confirming the authenticity of the authority who request the certificate, domain name ownership, verifying the business identity with government or third party business registries, and other methods/ guidelines specified CA Browser Forum to assure the legal and physical existence of the business.

The below links to the Press Releases would explain more about the EV SSL Certificates, its verification process and when its gonna to be market - And one of the releases points out “Comodo believes it could be done within two months; VeriSign worries it could take longer and is reluctant to wait.”

Click Topic ---> New 'web safe' approvals may elude small biz

Click Topic ---> Verification requires extensive checking

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