Monday, September 19, 2011

WiFi Internet Security

It is common now, you can access wifi from anywhere. But you should be aware that when you access internet over a unsecured network, you connections may be visible to others. In most cases, when you go to shopping malls, outlets, cinema theatres free wifi network would be available, are you sure that you are over a secured network? The answer is "No". So it is better not to access any confidential information, online banking, funds transfers, etc over an insecure network. Use those unsecured network just for browsing purpose.
Also when you use Wifi internet from home, better have a proper, strong authenthic password to it, so that other people who search for miscelleous network doesn't get control over your network. Other than this always use a Internet Security Software, which has got a Firewall - which can allow only trusted network to access your PC. Hope this helps! Try installing the free best firewall from comodo - or install the internet security software developed by K7 Computing - The K7 Total Security -

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