Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Ten Protection Tips for Identity Theft

Identity theft has been substantially increasing day-by-day. It’s a MUST to know how to protection ourselves from identity theft, so that we don’t fall prey to identity thieves.

1. Protection from Phishing: DO NOT click on links which you receive via unsolicited emails

2. DO NOT share your bank a/c or loan a/c details to third persons.

3. DO NOT provide your confidential details to known or unknown people over phone

4. DO NOT carry your Social Security card in your wallet (if you are robbed, thieves might misuse them)

5. DO NOT share your personal / confidential details such as bank login and password over chat / instant messengers.

6. Monitor your credit report regularly. We offer reliable Credit Monitoring in Topeka, KS

7. Install an Computer Security Software and keep it updated

8. DO NOT visit untrusted websites and download any exes or software’s. (Hackers may add a script to monitor your computer)

9. Always check if the net banking site you visit starts with https (https states whether the site is secure or not)

10. Learn more about identity theft and get self educated as well as educate your known ones

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