Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Does Apple Mac require a Antivirus software?

Generally, I don't know wheather an antivirus software required for a Apple MAC or not if you are an home user. But however, if you are using a MAC for your business, as a precaution, you can have a antivirus software for mac. As per the general understanding, if MAC doesn's require antivirus scanner, why are antivirus companies developing one - just for business sake. No! because any technology that comes new, there are always someone to crack them. So its always wise to take a precaution - by buying an antivirus software for you mac.

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From the day I am using a MAC still I haven't encountered any virus problems. But as per my understaning, the logical truth is there is no operating system that is 100% secure or uncompromisable. And  I have yet to encounter any problems with viruses on my Macs. Although viruses are not a problem, we got to think about other malwares like trojans, worms, spyware, etc.  So securing a PC though its a MAC is also a must.

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