Wednesday, October 03, 2012

An approach for Website Security Testing

Any businesses where the more important data is stored in the web application or lot of transactions are involved over the web, hackers turn ey to it. To make sure that the confidential data remains confidential, with getting exposed to online criminals, it is very much essential to make sure the web tests are carried out in a periodic basis. Website Security Testing plays a vital role in ensuring, that your web data and application is secure and confidential.

Below are few important functional testing invovled in web application security testing.

1. Vulnerability Check - checking for any security holes ie. weaknesses in the web application.

2. URL Manipulation - unintended behavior in the web server leading to unintended manipulation of urls.

3. SQL Injection - commonly used for website hacking

4. XSS (Cross Site Scripting)

5. Spoofing - Genarally a Hoax website / Email is created to look alike like a genuine website or a existing leading brand

Any websites that carries out financial transactions it is a must to secure their website with a period website security testing and penetration testing, to ensure that thier web server is secure.

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