Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Internet security - must know for PC users

Everyone has a PC today, but they also get attacked by computer viruses all the time. Though PC penetration has been on the raise, the percentage of internet security conscious users has reduced.

Here are a few tips for readers to understand the DOs and DONTs on the internet


The foremost thing to do when you are an internet user is to install an internet security product. The product should essentially contain a working firewall system and a database of virus information to help protect your computer from any latest security threats.

The second thing is to educate yourself, on the levels of safety of various sites. Though it might seem that most site seem credible, with a days it should be easy for anyone to get a hang of which sites are safe and which ones are not.

Beware of what you download. Most of the viruses in the internet spread through downloads. Having said that one of the major activities on the internet is to download relevant data from the internet. Make sure you run a virus scan to ensure that the downloaded item is virus free.

Learn more about the internet security and how vulnerable your computer is. Learn to change the settings of your system to ensure that there is no possibility of an attack.

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Do not use your credit card or back account number is an unauthorized site. Many cases are reported along these lines when members have given their security details on the internet which was misused.

There are many viruses that spared through emails. When opening an email always beware of a threat. Do not open executable files when sent through email from an unknown sender.

Always carry financial transactions, only through secure websites. These sites have been verified by a third party to ensure the cash transfer process is secure. The site will begin with https:// if it is a SSL secured website.

Don’t leave your system logged in, which can be misused by other users. It is advisable to "Lock Before You Walk" from your Computer.

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