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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Most Possible Internet Security Threats for 2009

Computer security threats have been increasing along with the technology growth, and high usage of World Wide Web. Though there are Internet Security Software’s including firewall, antivirus, spyware remover, adware blocker, anti-phishing tools or any other computer security products, still there is a risk if the software is not up-to-date. As there is increase in new threats such as viruses, Trojans and worms which infects a PC fast, before the software providers can get a signature to neutralize it. Once the signature is updated, and the software has got an option of automatic updates, then our computer is safe, as the security threat can be neutralized or even quarantined to make the computer safe and secure from further infections. So it has become an utmost importance for the computer user to be aware and secure while surfing the internet.

The other reason why there is increase in the online theft & easy injection of malware into the computer is because of the increased usage of fake pirated version of software in PC system. If a person uses a pirated version of software, then the risk of virus affecting the system is high, due to lack of periodic updates. So it is always to good spend some $10 to buy a real version of software, instead of losing $100 using a pirated version of software. Coming to the predictions for 2009 the Internet security threats and Vulnerabilities may include

Increase in Phishing attacks (Stealing the Identity online) Also see types of phishing.

Increase in Pharming attacks (Hacking done by redirecting the website traffic to a genuine website to a bogus website)

Increase in Instant Messenger Attacks (The online culprits use to send worm or Trojan, which sends automated messages to the people in address book, when the user is online/offline, and when the receiver opens the instant message, and click the link specified in the message, it will again go the recipients present in their address, like a chain)

Increase in Email Spam (Phishers and Hackers try sending out spam – fake messages attached with some virus, spyware, Keyloggers or Trojan trying to make computer users to fall prey them)

Increase in online pop-up ads (Some companies give free software, along with adware, which notifies the company of what the user is typing or searching in the internet, who inturn send pop-up messages, and promotional materials to the computer user which may make him/her disgusting and who need to be ad aware from such adware’s)

Increase in vulnerability attacks (This may be in any of above said forms. Sometimes the Operation system is vulnerable to attacks, if there is no proper protection)

Increase in other such crimes via online internet gaming, pornography etc.

The above said is the possible internet security threats based on the present scenario. In simple, the present threats will increase in future, pertaining to the development in technology.

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