Monday, March 12, 2007

UTI Bank – Be alert and be safe from online fraud

Recently got an email to my yahoo account from a phisher who meant that the mail is from UTI bank stating that the SSL certificate has been upgraded, and it requested for us to sign in for the UTI Banks Secure Internet Banking, providing an link.

When I clicked the link it went to some other site, which is exactly designed like the UTI Banks website. No SSL certificate found in that site.

So be alert that these kind of mails may be we get from the phishers. By chance if you happen to give your details, it would be stored in the phishers / hacker’s system, and its easy for the phishers / hacker’s to log in to your account and get the money. So make sure not to provide your contact details until you are sure that the email is from the UTI Bank and is a genuine one and also HAS GOT A PADLOCK ICON in the browser, which meets the criteria as well including the https:// in the link. Also UTI Bank account holders please do check if the link points out exactly to and then got the banking session from there. Its up to us, whether to get fooled or not.

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