Monday, May 29, 2006

Daily interesting facts about Information Technology & Computer are occuring.........But still what's the Negative Fact

Daily interesting facts about Information Technology & Computer are occuring.........

There is always an positive impact on Technology, But to make us unhappy with the growing range of technology,software, hardware, a negative impact is caused by hackers/crackers/Phishers, who always aim money to be their target.

Do the phishers get what they target?

My answer is YES. Here the answer is YES because most of the internet users they don't know how to secure their personal information. They are always faked by the phishers/hackers and its too late for them to realize that they have been cheated/Scammed.

But nowadays there are SSL, trust logos and other security certification services implemented by the online business personalities to save the consumer from being hacked. There are also various measures taken by the internet security software companies, news people, bloggers and others to create awareness among the consumers. The only way to have a safe internet is by means of the proper internet security measures. Once a consumer is aware of the internet security measures, they should discuss/explain their friends and relatives about how to do online business securely. Thus making them alert from being phished.


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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Are you surfing securely online?

Nowadays most of the phishers target to get or login to your personal details, and you may get some spam mails in your mailicious server, so it is good to prevent your secret information by downloading some security softwares. The AntiSpam softwares, Password managers, Firewall,Antivirus and more to have your web secure .The firewall software are constructed to prevent unwanted intrusions from the Internet into your Personal computer.

Oh! you may think that "if I download these softwares, it will slow down my system" But my answer is most probably not, if you choose to download a software from a secure software developer. If cost is the issue just go for free software, but before downloading look into it whether there are all features you expect that should be and must be. To be secure from the internet hackers get your internet security softwares get them and install and make them active. Then see your PC Soldiers will earn a victory.

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