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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Internet Security Feedback Form | Questionaire

This posting I decided to know your valuable feedbacks which would help us in building an effective best free software security solution for all your needs.

Solid protection is that the software should have many useful security features, with effective funtioning. As per economics "There is nothing Permanent expect Changes" - This rule fits to the software visibly.

The fact is that when a software is being created and released the consumers feel that it would have been better if this software has got this(additional - which they expect to be in) feature too.

So the demand for the features keeps on increasing whenever an software is released. And the better overall performance is when the software satisfies the present internet security threats.
Though the Basic features with a combination of few advance features are given by the security software developers for the present scenario, still the security tools you need may lack some few features, when you come across some new threats.
Also its not only with the desktop security products but also with the registry scanning, scanning of websites, or website security etc consumers always look out for the up-to-date technology.

And whats Next? I think with your past experiences over the internet would help to give your valuable suggestions in getting an more quality software online for free.

For that developers have to think what would be the next. Not only the developers of the software also you - the person who is going to use the software. So I thought that it would be good if I am able to get the feedback from you itself, so that we would be able to build an very good security suite that may be up-to-date with all your expections.
Also go through my entire blog and check out some of my writings, security tools, free security softwares etc.
A few post of mine would help your think about what are the software avaliable for free? About the future of internet security, Desktop Security Tools for free and so on.
Just visit my entire blog posting so you would be able to understand what the past and present scenario is! and few good extracted articles which might help you in think about the future of internet security too.

I hope you would help me in building a very good security suite filling up the Internet Security Questionaire.

This form would help me in getting your opinions to our software developers and for you in getting the best software. :)


Email Address:

What is your Website?

What are the Security Softwares have you got installed in your PC?




Anti-phishing Tool Bar



How much are you ready to spend to buy an Internet Security Suite?


$26 - $50


Depending on the Security Suite

What kind of free Internet Security suite do you require and with what features?

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