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Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Top Security Softwares needed to protect your Computer

Being the Computer Technology Generation, Protecting your Computer is like - you being protected with a powerful shield. Quarantining a Virus, intruder, phisher, malware is like killing your enemies. So wonder how much you need to take care of your computer’s health i.e. your health. What security softwares do I need to install in my computer to shield my PC, has been the question running in most of minds who have lot of confidential information as well as consumers who have felt prey to unethical hackers and viruses. Here are some of the important softwares that you need to install in your computer to protect yourself.

Firewall – An Intrusion Prevention System – which protects your computer from unauthorized access / intruders

Anti-virus – Virus Detection, Prevention and Removal Tool, which also protects your from worms, Trojans, Keyloggers and so on.

Anti-Malware – Protects your computer from malicious attacks

Anti-Spam – Protects your mailbox from unwanted or illegal mails

Anti-Spyware – Protects your computer from illegal spy’s which transmits your computer information to third parties

Adware Blocker - Blocks ads that come while you surf the internet

Privacy Control – Safeguards your personal information

Parental Control – You can restrict access for certain illegal, porn websites and care your children by showing them the right website (Right Path)

The above all is available as a Internet Security Suite. Other than this it is also good to have some other software which would function as a weapon and defence border security for your computer.

Back Up – A Storage and data recovery tool, in case you lose your data, it can be restored from the back-up software

Vulnerability Scanning – Its good have a periodic vulnerability scan so that you can assure that you system is completely protected from vulnerabilities

And it’s also good you step carefully while you visit websites which involves financial transaction. So when you attend banking or shopping site, check if the site begins with https:// instead of http:// and also has a golden pad lock (a lock like image) in the browser. If you click the pad lock it will say whether the site you enter is secure. So if the site is secure and fulfils the criteria then you can proceed with your transaction, so that we are alert that we won’t fall prey to the enemies i.e. Phishers.Apart from this there are so many security softwares available in the market, but the above all is considered to be the most important security softwares that will protect and shield your computer from attacks.

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