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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pirated Versions of Operating System and its security threats

Many of the people worldwide use to download the cracked version of Operating Systems and install and use them at free of cost, without know what are the consequences of using such illegal pirated versions of software’s. Most of the people who want to upgrade a system, they just go online and search if there are any pirated versions of Windows or Pirated version of Linux operating system is available in the web. Though some of the Linux based stuff is available open source, its good they use it. But whereas people now stopped spending to buy the OS and start installing a pirated version, but using fake registration/activation keys.

Is that anyone is aware about what are the consequences they ought to face if they install such kind of fake soft wares. The answer would be “NO”. Let the software manufactures filing a case/suit be on one side, are you aware that you computer is vulnerable for multiple attacks. Whatever latest operating system is being released, it will have some advanced features which will mainly have security features, with automatic updates if the product is purchased. So if a person goes and downloads a pirated version of the software, then they are missing the software developers’ periodic update. The updates are done, while the developers come across some key holes, through which your computer may be vulnerable, in order to close that key hole and save you from such security threats and vulnerabilities , the developers give automatics updates periodically so that your computer is not vulnerable. Without understanding the real fact of purchasing the software, most of the people, they just feel proud downloading a pirated version of software, and even share it with their friends’ network.

Though there are some enterprises which are being sued for using such kind of pirated version of software’s, still individuals, home users and small businesses have pirated version of the software in their system as the person or service providers, just to earn, installs the fake version of the software making a statement – “Let me know if there is any problem, we will fix it” and simply goes off with his payment. But still there are genuine service providers, who priorly purchase the licenses and provide quality services to their customers. So let’s choose the right service provider herein and also meantime let’s spend some dollars to buy the software, and at least try to make good the recession with our minor contribution.

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