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Monday, February 23, 2009

Nigerian Scam / Spam mail leads to suicide

In a breakthrough, Many of the email users receive a mail stating that you have “Won a Lottery of $5000000 and you can claim it now”. Thinking this to be a genuine one, many people reply the mail with their name, address and bank details. But when you reply those mails, they again shoot you a mail stating that you need to first pay the taxes or consignment amount or so on and claim your Money. But people only realize it later when they lose money that it’s a fraud email. These types of mail we term as “Online Lottery Scam, Nigerian Scam – being the mails claims to be sent from Nigeria.” There are some people who have lost lot of money believing such kind of spam mails and even committed suicide.

If you see the cause of suicide, there are spam mails such as “Nirosha Silva”, who even come via chat and speak stating they have lot of assets, and to transfer it they need money, and to make people believe they even call via phone and speak. Once they receive the money, they easily see for the next person to cheat again. So please try to understand what is spam and lets prevent and protect ourselves and others educating about such kind of fraud mails.

If you get such kind of mails claiming that you have won a lottery or stating that they need your help in transferring their assets from one country to another, or shooting (UK Requirement Microsoft) chained mails i.e. telling you if you forward this mail to one person you will get this many cents or dollars, kindly don’t believe them and lose your money. Always try to ignore such kind of mails, and also tell your friends, family and relations not to believe such kind of fraudulent emails.

The Screenshot provided is a recent spam email – which we shouldn’t believe. Click the image to have enlarged view.

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