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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hacking Alert! Hackers Target Databases –Hack using SQL injection

It has been a week ago, a Romanian has hacked the website of the antivirus software producer using SQL injection to steal the data. Many wonder what kind of databases are being handled by security companies, but there are databases that are really worth which include customer emails, software activation keys, personal details of the customers and other related information, which are being stored in the database server. Then wonder, how much confidential databases should a company which involve financial trasactions would handle. So if the server has got minor vulnerability also, the hacker can easily enter in to the server, by manipulating a URL, and passing certain SQL commands – which is termed as SQL injection. So it is always good for top level companies to use high-end database backup software, and have a regular system check to patch the security holes in the computer. Though the companies understand the importance of computer security and server security, due to high work upload, they sometime fail to update their security patches, which leads to such kind of hacking attacks.

This is an instance that happened, and has alerted the big players in the market, who deal with huge volumes of databases. Now most of them knew that hackers not only target the banking or consumer databases but also target whatever databases are available from pin to plane, which a hacker can monetize it.

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