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Monday, November 24, 2008

Future Trends in Internet Security

Internet is one of tremendous achievement in the recent history since the computer age started. In the beginning, when the internet was structured the commercials were not allowed. But later internet became one of the backbones for industries, shopping, banking sector and for other commercials, which resulted in high business and at the same time paved way for cyber crimes. Though in earlier days the rates of cyber crimes were less, now the advancement in computer software technology has substantially increased the online crimes causing serious cyber security threats. Now internet network is one of the most importantly considered infrastructures for commercials globally, if this is not secured properly, not only ecommerce is at risk but also the life of humans can also be at stake. That means the future is at risk without security.

Drawbacks of Unsecure Internet
An Unsecure internet is like a human without dress. So if internet is not secured then any one can trespass to connect to your computer over internet and steal your information. So internet security has become a greater challenge for both personal and commercial use. If a computer connected to internet is not secured, then it is vulnerable to multiple attacks which include packet sniffing, phishing, TCP / IP hijacking & Spoofing, redirecting the router and other such kind of active attacks. So a proper and secure infrastructure can alone prevent such kind of active attacks.

How to secure the internet from Vulnerability?
By analysing the past and present trends in the internet security, the experts have come with a new scenario about the future of internet security. The scenario when overlooked would be simple to read but it’s difficult to implement, unless and until, we people (internet users) are aware about it. The future IT trend will give the solutions that provide additional layer of security to the computer and internet. The recent IT trend is focused mostly on the future security measures which may include

1.) Website Security – Secure Sockets Layer, Web Internet Protocol (IP) Security

2.) Web Application Security - Web penetration testing, Denial of Service attack, Web Server Firewall, Protection for programming languages used in websites e.g. java, html etc used for designing the website.
3.) Desktop Security – Internet security suite, Firewall, Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti – Malware, Adware protection, Vulnerability Analyzer, Security based PC Utilities, Anti Spam including PGP / Smime e-mail

4.) Infrastructure Development for Enterprises – Biometric Authentication, Smart cards, Access Control

5.) Implementation of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Model in Organisations

6.) Wi-fi or Wireless Security

Technically speaking, there are lot of confusions of what layer of security is required, or which kind of certificate is appropriate for PKI – Public key infrastructure, those suites globally and so on. Also the security measures that needs to be considered for extranets and intranets, which leads to a question of authentication level. So when a proper analysis is being made for security verticals including wire-less communications will provide a solution with key advantages. So for the base of website security the encryption and decryption level needs to be suggested by cryptographic experts. When it comes to computer security, it’s the effective desktop security solution that needs to prevent / protect an unauthorized access. This is because if the computer is vulnerable only there would be an unauthorized access, so if a comprehensive internet security suite is being installed in the computer, it works as a guard to the computer, prevent such vulnerable attacks and more over defending and shielding the computer from malicious attacks.

Though the government and internet councils has been trying to regulate the law of encrypted internet still it’s a very difficult task for them, due to lack of awareness. So once the awareness is being created, then we can assure that the future is secure. From present to future these changes will happen gradually from tiny to complex security. If any organisation wants to monopolize their security applications, then we are not getting the better security solution. The reason is more the competition is; better the product would be. So let’s welcome competition.

- Yuvaraj
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