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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Palm Security – Biometric Authentication for your PC – Personal Computer – by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Has developed a highly precise biometric authentication. It has the technology that can verify as person’s identity by recognizing the pattern of blood veins in the person’s palm. This new of Biometric authentication PC Security technology is more useful in the securing your PC. The use of this technology would enable convenient biometric authentication for a wide range of applications, such as safe guarding important information through log in verification for the access to sales, technical or personal data.

How this New Method of Biometric Authentication Technology does helps in PC Security?

This new 2008 technology, in which it has incorporated a prototype computer mouse, identifies an individual by the unique pattern of veins in the palm. Palm vein patterns are advantageous for this purpose because they are unique from one person to the next and expect for the size, they do not change as the individual grows. The authentication process works as follows.

The palm is first illuminated by an infrared light. The veins just beneath the skin of the palm then emit a black reflection, giving a picture of the veins of the palm.

Using a proprietary Fujitsu algorithm, the pattern is then extracted from this picture and is checked against patterns stored in the system if there is a match the person’s identity is confirmed. This biometric authentication will surely help computer users securing them from identity theft. Also some measures have been taken to build this technology into wall-plates or mobile readers for other applications – Which were previously used by having stored the thump impression. Now it would be the palm security for 2008. Biometric security is both easy to use and hard to defeat, so its no surprise that finger scanners are popping up on notebooks as well as PC peripherals. But once you have swiped them anyone can use the computer. Now around 700 people were experimented with this new technology. Fujitsu has not yet begun selling the Palm Secure PC login kit. Also keep in mind that the Palm Secure works only on Windows XP and Vista. If you want to have managed multi-user biometric authentication across the enterprise’s PC’s, you need the authentication server edition.

Continuing with the PC Security, you also need to have the Desktop Security and Internet Email security products as well. The job would be to be more safe and Secure from the world of phishing or virus attacks.

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