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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cyber Criminals and Internet Security

Today internet has become one of the most essential parts of the human life. Any small or big information that needs to be known is got in a fraction of seconds over the internet. Why Internet? – Because internet is a vast source of data and information. So let it be a shopping, banking, education, games, email or anything else, people just login to their computers, connect to the internet and source the information by just logging in to their online accounts. Just a small wonder, the prefix “www” we type in the address bar itself says “world Wide Web”, which says World Wide Information resource. So to safe guard the vast information resource, cyber security had been made the essential part of the internet, by the internet security industry.

Internet security industry as a whole compromises of internet security tool & applications, software and hardware development, new government rules and regulations, website security, network security and all the other things that is related to the internet. There are so many internet users prone to cyber attacks and become victims of identity theft. That is because people are not aware about the cyber criminals, waiting around in the internet to capture their data. So there is a need to educate the people about Information Security, and the enterprises, banking industry, Shopping portals, email service providers and all who have an online source have started alerting their customers, and their website visitors stating what needs to be checked while logging in to their accounts and so on.

How do cyber criminals act?

Cyber criminals pose to be “Phishers” or “Hackers”, who try to intrude into your network to gather all your personal and confidential details, for the sole benefit to acquire financial related information. To capture your data, cyber criminals, try to run spy bots- in a user’s computer by combing some spyware programs along with some freely available software. Once the user downloads and installs the software, the spyware also gets installed without the user’s knowledge and starts capturing all the information in the user’s computer and transmits the information to the third parties who we term as Cyber Criminals. So with the information the cyber criminals receive over the network, are used illegally to access the account of an unknown person, and take the necessary data, finance etc and elope. Finally the person who lost his money recognises that his identity is stolen. Not only the cyber criminals uses spywares, spy bots but also adware, viruses, worms, Trojans, Rootkits, key loggers and so many possible ways to hack a computer over the internet.

How to shield your computer from Cyber Criminals?

As the identity theft has increased today, the internet security software and hardware providers have been bringing many advancement to erode the activities of cyber criminals by providing latest internet security suite which include Anti-virus, firewall, antispyware, adware removal tools, parental control, backup, privacy control and many more computer security tools to shield a computer. Not only that many web services security companies along with webhosting companies provide measures for securing a website, and to prove its identity, and more over with antivirus solutions to protect the user’s computer, while uploading the relevant files to make a website live. Also many internet security forums, and consumer security forums, corporate, banks, educational institutions and all other people who are engaged to do business online has started creating the awareness to the consumers / customers, so that they won’t fall prey the phishers or hackers.

As a part of internet security awareness program, being a part of K7 Computing, I would like you to suggest K7 Computing Total Security, an internet security Suite, for you to have an enhanced and advanced protection for your computer.

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