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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Parental Control, Privacy Control Software – Is that really necessary?

The answer for parental control is YES! Nowadays most of children in the age of 3 itself start using the computers, for game or fun. Recently I visited one of my friends house, and was surprised to see that his 6 year old son, came from the school, and asked “Dad, Is the computer ready?” and my friend replied “Yes”. And his son threw the bag, went had his biscuits and sat in front of the computer, switched on, and asked “Where are the games?” As my friend replied, as the computer crashed, all those gaming software being installed were lost. The little boy without hesitating, said ok, and just opened the IE (Internet Explorer) browser, typed in the address bar, and was searching, free games. Within a fraction of minutes, he just went into a website and downloaded the software, installed and started playing the games. Here is how the problem starts, the kid he knew only to download the software, whereas he is not aware of the prevailing internet security threats or any other thing. So the parents should set an access control to the websites they enter. So the access control software we term as Parental Control.

Parental control or privacy control is an essential feature because, the parents can set some rules stating that the children can access only specified sites and block access to pornography etc. Most of t he children they come to the gaming sites to play some online games, the thing is suddenly a window pops up with porn picture or so, and even asking to download a new game, which may consist of some viruses or Trojans in it. So the children unknowing as an entertainment download them with an interest to play a new game. So parents need to concerned about their child’s online security, have some restrictions. Also it’s a responsibility of a parent to have an internet security suite which has privacy / parental control feature in it, and also the suite will have virus removal tool, with firewall – to stop unauthorized traffic entering your network.

There are a few internet security software companies like K7computing, providing advanced level of parental control in its Total Security – internet security suite. K7 Total Internet Security Suite has a privacy / parental control with features, where you can allow and block websites and also allows the user to set a timer, from when to when the internet can be accessed. This is very useful for parents, who have children spending time in the online internet games for long hours. The parents can set the time to grant / restrict access to the internet to their children between two specified time. Say for example, Grant internet access between 1 PM to 3 PM only, so after 3 PM, the internet will get disconnected. This is an advanced feature in K7 Total Security.
Also it is good to advise the children not to download anything without their (parents) knowledge so the computer won’t be affected by any miscellaneous operations. Also I wish you read an general instruction about mobile security ,which we need to be aware of being a mobile phone user.

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