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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Measures for safe and Secure internet and computers

The world is now connected to the internet, and almost 65% of the world population has started using internet as the mode for communication, banking, shopping and so on. In olden days all the official and personal data are being hand written or type-written in papers. So if an thief wanted to steal the data he needs to come, break the door and steal some confidential data and use it. So there were security guards and burglar alarm being placed to prevent, protect and safeguard from theives. But now the paper age has gone and computer age has boomed with recent technology developments. Since the invention of internet in 1957, when the soviet union started sputnik 1 its first satellite to beat the United States space, the internet age started. The invention of the internet made an easy choice for the theives, who we term as hackers (Online theives) steal the data from computers using the internet gateway. So to safeguard against data theft, we need to prevent and protect our computer from such kind of phishing and pharming attacks. I wish you can download your free trial version of Total Internet Security Suite, to check how it works and safeguards your computer.

So what is the security measures that needs to be taken to prevent identity theft?

As said earlier, in olden days we used security guards to protect an theif entering our office, likewise we need to have an protection software i.e. access – control software to be installed in the computer to prevent an hacker entering our system/network. So proactively an Desktop Firewall software needs to be installed which functions as a hacker intrusion prevention system. The firewall alerts the user whenever some one is trying to access our computer. So its our choice to allow, deny or block access to our computer network.

If at all, an thief enters in our office in disguise, showing an fake identity to the security guards, and once the security guards, knew that a thief has entered the office showing a fake identity, they will need to get alert and start detecting and prosecute the theif, and leaving him behind the bars. So comparitively if a user unknowingly allows, an application to enter into the system, and comes to know there is some changes happening in the computer automatically without the user‘s knowledge, the user needs to get alert on the issue. As the hackers, phishers try to get into the system writing some mailcious Software program ie. Malware or by using spyware, virus, trojans, worms etc to fetch the confidential data from the users computer on the backend. So inorder to detect and quarantine an unwanted program from our computer, an anti-virus software needs to be installed. An anti-virus software functions as a detection and virus removal software. Also some antivirus software comes with a Spam control option, where it would actively stop you from receiving spam mails, by blocking them.

Like having the burglar alarm, security guards and cops to safeguard your premises, its always good to have internet security suite as a computer security program, to prevent unethical hackers, known and unknown potential viruses and so on to have a safe and secure internet access in our computer. To prevent and protect is always better then cure. So its a good thing to have a computer security software, which acts as a protection, prevention, detection and cure tool. The recent IT trends has been giving so many technologies such as wireless internet access, laptops and so on, which is misused by the phishers causing serious internet security breaches. Though the internet threats are increasing day-by-day, as a user we need to be aware about internet security threats and protect ourselves from getting into the prey for phishing and pharming attacks.

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